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Kikubari’s cuisine, first and foremost starts within us. The utmost care and understanding of our ingredients is applied from the moment it reaches our doorstep until its final presented on the table. We offer the best of both worlds, combining Japanese and French cuisines to bring forth a truly worthwhile experience to our diners. Most of the ingredients we use come from Japan and France, but we are always seeking ways to promote sustainable practices and incorporate the amazing, freshly cultivated local ingredients. That said, we work closely with highly reputable vendors to source the best ingredients for the dishes we develop. We do very little to our fresh produce as we would like to showcase an appreciation of how nature intended them to taste. Overall, our intention is to bring out the best of the produce, in taste, texture, and of course, presentation. We approach our cuisine in French-Japanese style not just when it comes to ingredients, but with respect to the traditional care and understanding of ingredients that comes from Japanese cooking, as well as the adaptation of French preparation techniques that appear in modern kitchens today. Building a functional home requires effort and sincerity from all those involved. This also applies to building a functional restaurant. Before individuality, there is one another. In our kitchen, we think with one mind, one language, and unity as we grow together as a team to continue offering the best experience for our diners. Besides, if we are going to see each other for 12 hours a day, we might as well treat one another like family.

Lot No.L3-01A
Contact No.013-3624546